Get Involved

Here is how you can get involved in the campaign, and how you can get in touch with us:

  • Donate to our campaign. NZTA has a lot of money. We don’t. A donation from you can help right the balance:
  • Talk to your neighbours about the proposed Basin flyover and why it’s such a bad idea
  • Write letters and emails to the Government opposing the flyover and telling them that NZTA must be told to take another look at the alternatives. We think you should start at the top: email
  • Write letters to the papers, and leave online comments on relevant articles, talking about the reasons to oppose a Basin flyover and the growing opposition at both community and local government level.
  • Get in touch with us at to find out what needs doing – any help you can offer will be most welcome!
  • Come to our organising meetings – they are held approximately fortnightly. To find the date and venue of future meetings, please email
  • Like the Save the Basin Campaign Facebook page: and also the Stop the Flyover group:!/groups/38243212975/
  • Follow us on Twitter:, and encourage your followers to follow us

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