In December, by a margin of 8-7, Wellington City Councillors voted to oppose a Basin Reserve flyover and investigate alternatives. On Thursday the 21st, the Council votes again on its flyover stance, and we want those eight Councillors to stand strong and continue to oppose a Basin Reserve flyover – starting with Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Transport Portfolio Leader Andy Foster.

Between now and Wednesday, it’s time to remind these eight Councillors of their previous anti-flyover stance, tell them again why a Basin Reserve Flyover would be such a bad idea, and urge them to continue their anti-flyover stance in Thursday’s vote.

Otherwise, we risk the Council effectively siding with NZTA in future consent hearings. That’s exactly what Kapiti Coast District Council did in the Kapiti Expressway hearings, and it proved to be a disastrous mistake for Kapiti Mayor Jenny Rowan, her fellow Councillors and their community.

1) Who to Contact

Please email these Councillors. If you have time to send individual emails to each Councillor, especially Celia and Andy, that would be great – otherwise, a group email is fine.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Transport Portfolio Leader Andy Foster

Bryan Pepperell

Helene Ritchie

Iona Pannett

Paul Eagle

Stephanie Cook

Justin Lester

2) What to Say

People often get hung up on what to say in such emails. But there’s no need to be hung up: all you need to say is that you oppose a Basin Reserve flyover and that you want the Council to keep opposing it, too, including in hearings on the proposal. The simpler and more straightforward your message is, the better. While remaining polite, you should leave Celia, Andy and their fellow Councillors in no doubt what you mean.

But if you need some arguments, check out the articles below, and then two simple, effective emails to Councillors that their authors have kindly agreed us to post.

3) Articles

Thursday’s flyover vote: how to get the best result for the coolest capital

Facts don’t support Expressway (or Basin flyover)

4) Sample emails to Councillors

From Margaret Tobin:

Dear Celia, etc
I want to make clear to you as a Mt Victoria resident of 54 years my
very strong opposition to the proposed flyover around the Basin
Reserve. It sickens me that as Wellingtonians we have to fight so hard
to be heard about what is important to us regarding the city scape. I
joined Wellington Waterfront Watch who represent the local people
about the preservation of the beautiful features of that valuable
asset, Wellington’s waterfront. And now I have joined Save the Basin
Campaign for exactly the same reason, to protect our assets. In this
case, that oasis between the city and the eastern and southern
suburbs, the Basin Reserve.

It is very wearing to be continually
having to defend the beautiful and priceless features of Wellington
that we hold dear from groups that are only thinking about short-term
gain in the form of dollars. There are other ways to improve the
infrastructure of the city, including sensible roading around the
Basin that does not include a flyover. Personally as far as traffic
build up in the area is concerned those of us who live in Ellice
Street don’t believe a flyover will ease this at all but simply move
the congestion and make it more visible. Please listen to the people
and stick up for the people. A flyover does not fit this area. It’s
for LA.

From Patrick Morgan:

Dear Councillors,

I joined 18,000 cricket fans this weekend at the Basin.  Superb, world-class facility. Like the green belt, it’s an asset we are custodians of for future generations.

I would like my children’s children to have the opportunity to hear the sounds of leather on willow on a summer’s day at the Basin.

Rod Oram makes a good case for smart urban design:

There are better solutions for our transport needs.

On the 21st, please say no to the Govt’s misguided plans for the Basin.