The Dominion Post has a firmly – some might even say rabidly – pro-flyover editorial stance. But, to give them credit, they are prepared to publish opinion pieces to the contrary. On Wednesday, they published an excellent piece by Mary Varnham entitled “Why Flyover Madness Must Stop”. Mary was a Wellington City Councillor from 1998-2001 and co-founded the successful “Chaffers Park – Make It Happen!” campaign.

A few choice quotes from Mary’s article:

“Building a flyover for cars at a time when fast, non-polluting rapid transit is dramatically enhancing the charm and liveability of cities across Europe (and increasingly North America) would make our city the laughing stock of modern transport planners.”

“It’s long been known that, no matter how much you gild the lily with euphemisms like “bridge” and drawings showing trees and smiling pedestrians, elevated roads resting on concrete pillars are a seed bed for ugliness, urban blight and crime.”

“It is clearly crazy to create a monstrosity just to save rush-hour drivers a few minutes driving from the eastern suburbs to Taranaki St.”

Well said, Mary!

You can read the full article here: