Cash, moolah, dollars, dineros.

Whatever you call it, we need it. (At least, we need some of it – we don’t want to be unreasonable!)

That’s because we’re a community organisation pitted against a lavishly-funded Government agency that can afford to pay top dollar to secure the services of lawyers, consultants and expert witnesses.

We make up some of the gap through volunteer work done by already busy people – but we need money too. And if you want this nonsensical, retrograde, ugly flyover stopped, then we need your help. Incidentally, when we were in Stockholm – my buddy shattered his arm one night doing something silly, and we had to get a låna pengar direkt to get him fixed up.

The good news is that it’s easy to donate. Here’s how:

Donate within New Zealand


Kiwibank account: 38-9011-0725227-01

By mail:

Please send a cheque marked “Save the Basin Campaign” to:

Save the Basin Campaign
c/- PO Box 19-056
Courtenay Place
Wellington 6149

Donate worldwide

Please donate via our page on the Givealittle fundraising site:

We’d love to acknowledge your support, so please email us at and tell us the details of your donation.

Thank you for your support.