The following is an excerpt written by Grant Robertson for the November 2013 edition of the Mt Victoria Newsletter.

Basin flyover not a done deal

Residents in Mt Cook, Mt Victoria, Newtown and the whole Wellington area are justifiably concerned about the Basin Reserve flyover. The final decision to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve is currently with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), but the government and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) seem determined to pursue spending $90 million despite 83% of submitters opposing it.

Both Annette King, MP for Rongotai, and I oppose the Basin flyover. It is a bad idea and not an answer to the frustration some people feel about traffic congestion at this one location in Wellington. 

NZTA appears to be following the instructions of the government that has no smart solutions for improving the way people and freight move around New Zealand.

The EPA is requiring that anyone who submitted attend meetings with the NZTA to “resolve concerns”, even if they noted in their submission that they don’t wish to be heard in person. The significance of these meetings on the final decision is unknown because they have never before happened in a Board of Inquiry process. 

The Board of Inquiry will begin the hearings on 22 January* and the decision is due by May 2014. Labour has promised that we will do whatever we can to stop the flyover, and support a transportation system within and around Wellington that is efficient, promotes public transport, and helps protect our environment.

My electorate office telephone is 801 8079 and I am always happy to hear your comments on this or any other issue affecting the Mt Victoria community. 

*The Board of Inquiry’s latest indicative timetable shows the hearings beginning on Monday 27 January.