I think the Basin Reserve Flyover shouldn’t be built. There are lots of hazards about it like if we have a war it could get bombed and be not just a war a revolution too. Also there are affects and price problems too like on roads in NZ a hundred or more people get killed or are critically injured. And with the flyover an extra two thousand or more people getting killed or critically injured. It will also be really low (only as high as a power pole) and homeless people will live under it.

Graffiti and street art will be messed over it. Pets will die. They also call it “The Road of Significance”. I call it “The Road of Political P Brains”. Wellington will need bigger hospitals. To build it you need $100000000 and that’s impossible. Oil and cars will be more expensive. In a flood it could give way and have to be another $100000000 to take the rubbish away. What’s more is I don’t want to [see it] when I go out the door. I always see a great big ugly bridge to nowhere…until I die. Eventually Ellice St will be a ghost street because people won’t be able to sleep. There could be lots more car crashes too AND Wellington turning into a ghost town.Image