The Basin Reserve Flyover may be primarily a Wellington issue, but the Board of Inquiry’s decision to decline resource consent for a Basin Reserve flyover has led to flyover plans being delayed, and public transport improvements brought forward, in Auckland.

An Auckland Transport article, Southeastern Busway To Open Sooner, explains [added emphasis is mine]:

Major new public transport improvements will arrive earlier for people in Auckland’s south east.

Auckland Transport is aiming to open the full Southeastern Busway to Botany sooner than the 2028 completion date earlier proposed, and AT is investigating extending bus lanes to Highland Park.

SE Busway Botany

Recent work on the Auckland Manukau Transport Initiative (AMETI) has identified that the busway can operate through Pakuranga town centre without the need to build Reeves Road flyover first.

and goes on to quote AMETI programme director Peter King as saying:

The recent decision on the Basin Reserve flyover in Wellington shows the challenges of consenting a flyover that has impacts on an urban area and the potential for long delays. This decision allows us to extend the AMETI transport improvements made in Panmure to Pakuranga and Botany as soon as possible while continuing to build the case for the flyover.”

Three thoughts:

  1. It appears that Auckland transport decision-makers are taking steps towards a more modern and sustainable approach towards transport thinking. When will NZTA’s Wellington transport decision-makers start to do likewise?
  2. It’s great to see that all the work that Save the Basin and other groups have put in opposing a Basin Reserve flyover is having positive consequences elsewhere.
  3. If any Aucklanders want to show their gratitude by donating to help us fund our response to NZTA’s High Court appeal of its Basin Reserve flyover defeat, that would be much appreciated!