A forum to canvass Wellington Transport and Energy issues
Thursday 27th July 5.30pm to 7pm 
Venue: Sustainability Trust, 2 Forresters Lane, Te Aro, Wellington

This forum will follow Sustainable Energy Forum’s AGM, and will be chaired by Steve Goldthorpe focussing and expanding on issues raised in the current EnergyWatch issue 79.

The following people will speak for 5 to 10 minutes on their topic.
Time will then be allowed for further discussion.

Tim Jones: Transport scenarios for Wellington
Ellen Blake: Walkability is the most energy efficiency transport
Steve Goldthorpe:  Why EVs are a distraction
Isabella Cawthorn: Mobilising for mobility: lessons for Wellington from Auckland’s public transit campaigns
Paul Bruce: Why trains and trolleys are a good investment!
Sea Rotmann: Airport runway extension – a highly suspect project!
Frank Pool: Key sustainable energy issues for NZ

Other topics covered in EW 79 and open for debate
Crony Electricity market unfit for purpose
Energy efficiency levels in the building code
Wood burner potential for mitigation greenhouse gases
Fuel economy incentives
Stop looking for oil

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