Last week, the Wellington City Council officers charged with investigating alternatives to the Flyover delivered their report – and it didn’t make good reading. The report was a rushed and hasty dismissal of alternatives to a Basin Reserve flyover; though to be fair to the officials, the rush was in large part the result of the very tight timetable imposed by NZTA.

True to its tradition of investigative reporting, Wellington Scoop hasn’t taken the report at face value – and they’ve found out some very interesting things as the result of their digging. Check out their reports here:

The Wellington City Council meets to consider the officials’ report on 21 March.

In other news, we’re disappointed to hear that, despite the exhaustively-researched, well argued case put up by Save Kapiti and other groups, the EPA’s latest Board of Inquiry has approved another disruptive motorway project, the Kapiti Expressway. But there is more than one way to skin a cat, and Save Kapiti certainly don’t intend to give up the struggle. Check the Save Kapiti website for the latest information.