In the leadup to our public meeting on Saturday 20 April, a very interesting story has appeared today in Wellington Scoop asking questions about the delay in NZTA’s expected application to lodge its resource consent application for its proposed Basin Reserve flyover:

What’s the reason for the delay?

Wellington Scoop suggests that the reason for the delay may be a long list of requirements that such a concrete monstrosity could not possible meet. Lindsay Shelton, Editor of Wellington Scoop, is one of the speakers at our public meeting, and I’ll be keen to hear more about his thinking on this.

We don’t know how long this delay may continue: NZTA may lodge its application tomorrow, or they may take months. But let’s make one thing very clear: the Save the Basin Campaign is very much in favour of these delays. Long may they continue!

In fact, if NZTA delays long enough, maybe they will eventually come to the realisation that the entire misguided, unnecessary and just plain ugly Basin flyover project should be consigned to the dustbin of history.