Our Save the Basin public meeting went very well this afternoon. Despite weather that was a touch on the damp side, over 70 people joined us at the Film Archive to watch videos, hear speakers, buy Save the Basin T-shirts, talk, and offer lots of support and many great ideas to the campaign.

As we’ve said before, the NZTA is, sadly, the last refuge of outdated 1960s transport thinking: the belief that motorways and flyovers are the way to build a modern transport system has gone the way of walk shorts and the 3 o’clock tea trolley elsewhere in the world, but it’s still alive and well at NZTA HQ and in the Beehive.

The three videos we watched from Streetfilms.org, a US organisation that makes short videos about ways to make transport and urban centres better, made this point very, very clear. We recommend that you watch them and share them:

Check out the whole “Moving Beyond the Automobile” series here: http://www.streetfilms.org/moving-beyond-the-automobile/