Someone who works as a courier got in touch recently to let us know his thoughts about NZTA’s proposed Basin Reserve flyover. We think these thoughts are worth sharing with you. NZTA, are you paying attention?

“Driving around Wellington and using the Basin reserve roundabout is a regular feature of my day. I have a car that ‘knows its own way to the airport’ as my wife works/flies out of Wellington airport with her employment (Air NZ) whilst my son instructs flying at the Wellington Aero club. Added to the frequency of driving to/from these two locations from Central Wellington is my courier work in and around the town. Yes, it is a town and sorry for those whose city status beliefs I may have offended.

My driving whilst on duty requires me to negotiate the Mt Victoria Tunnel to access Miramar/Hataitai/Airport and also to access Adelaide Street/Newtown and the delights of Island Bay. I do this at all hours of the day and evening in addition to my husbandly duties in taking said spouse and/or son to their work destinations,  Pac n’ Save in Kilburnie is also patronised by me/us in a private capacity which involves the Basin and tunnel.

The main point here is that the traffic flow around the Basin is easy and ‘businesslike’ with a sensible phasing of traffic lights. Very rarely indeed does traffic back up into the tunnel as you exit en route to the Basin. Proceeding in any combination of approaches/exits does not cause any issue, motorists use the two/three lanes affording approaches to each roundabout intersection with a high level of responsibility. Red light infractions are rare in my observation. Simply put there is no need to do this [build a flyover] as the light phasing is reasonable. The recent re-routing of the approach to the Taranaki Street intersection via top of Tory Street has not impacted the flow despite the new traffic lights.

In short, we have planners seeking to despoil the vista/amenity of Kent Terrace and a very ‘workable’ roundabout and traffic system (you don’t hear many people cursing the Basin route or seeking alternatives via Oriental Bay etc) to install a multi-million dollar concrete monstrosity. If the council want to serve the people of Wellington, they should create infrastructure and buildings that will serve us as far as our grand-childrens’ generation and maybe beyond.”