The Save the Basin Campaign has congratulated the Save Kapiti group on its decision to appeal against the decision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Board of Inquiry into the proposed Kapiti Expressway. Save the Basin Co-Convenor Tim Jones said “We admire and respect the way Save Kapiti has coped with everything the NZTA and the Government have thrown at them. The NZTA have tried buying opposition off, they’ve tried bullying, and they’ve tried to bleed Save Kapiti dry financially through an EPA Board process which is heavily weighted in the applicant’s favour. And none of it has worked.”

“We salute Save Kapiti’s resilience and determination,” Tim Jones continued, “and we wish them all the best for their appeal.”

You can read the Save Kapiti press statement announcing the appeal on Wellington Scoop:, and find out more information on the Save Kapiti website.