Want to look good, spread the “No Flyover” message and help us raise money? Then buy a “No Flyover” T-shirt (standard or Barmy Army-branded) from the Save the Basin Campaign. Or take advantage of our special offer on orders of 2 standard Ts!

Two Types of T-Shirt: Standard, and Barmy Army Souvenir

We have two types of “No Flyover” T-shirt available for sale: Standard, with the “No Flyover” image on the front, and the special Barmy Army-branded March 2013 Basin Test souvenir edition, with the Barmy Army logo and the dates of the March 2013 NZ v England Test at the Basin on the back, and the “No Flyover” logo on the front. With our “ print my logo” campaign going on, it is the perfect time to try stuff out!

Check them out:

Standard No Flyover T

Standard No Flyover T

Souvenir Barmy Army T - front

Souvenir Barmy Army T – front

Souvenir Barmy Army T - back

Souvenir Barmy Army T – back

Buy the Barmy Army Souvenir T via TradeMe

The Barmy Army Ts are also available through TradeMe. Buy them here:


The information below relates to ordering Standard and Souvenir Ts directly from Save the Basin.


Standard T-shirts are available in XL, L and M

Barmy Army T-shirts are available in XL and L

Please specify the size(s) you want in your order.

Making your order

Please email your order to stoptheflyover@gmail.com with the subject line “T-shirt order”.

Please specify:

  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  • The type(s) of T-shirt you want, and the numbers of each
  • The size(s) you want


Orders within NZ (prices include p&p):

Standard “No Flyover” Ts

One T-shirt: $20
Two T-shirts: $30

Barmy Army-branded “No Flyover” Ts

$24.50 per T-shirt (no volume discount)

Overseas orders

For overseas orders, send your request to stoptheflyover@gmail.com, and give your address details.A quote for the P&P will be emailed to you.


Please pay by making an online payment to Save the Basin Campaign Kiwibank account: 38-9011-0725227-01

In the reference fields, please include your name and “T Shirt”.

If you’re not able to pay online, please send a cheque to “Save the Basin Campaign” at

Save the Basin Campaign, PO Box 19-056, Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149

Important note: Orders will not be sent until payment has been received.

This is an easy way to spread the message while looking good and helping us financially. We look forwards to your order!