STOP PRESS: Submissions have just closed – and we’ve had one submitter who submitted by email contact us to say that they haven’t received any response to their submission. We suggest that, if you don’t get a reply to your submission, you send a followup email to asking whether your submission has been received, and cc it to the Friend of the Submitter, Mark St Clair,

Your submission should be acknowledged! If you haven’t had a satsifactory response to your followup enquiry after a couple of working days, please contact with “Submission Not Acknowledged” in the subject line, and we’ll follow this up for you.

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This is it, folks: submissions on the proposed Basin Reserve flyover (“Basin Bridge”) close today at 5pm. Don’t leave it until the very last minute to submit.

The online submission form is on this page:

Remember that it times out after an hour.

Save the Basin’s Submission Guide is here:

And please remember to:

  • Submit
  • Cover all the topic areas you have concerns about in your submission. If you don’t mention it now, you can’t add it in later
  • Ask to appear in front of the hearing
  • Ask to appear separately, not jointly
  • Ask your friends and family members to submit
  • Submit well before the deadline of 5pm.

Good luck, and many thanks to all those who have already submitted!